Tips to prevent a cyber world attack

It is necessary to protect all devices that share the network, such as smart watches or TVs. | Photo: EFE

Due to the attack of a computer program called ransomware designed to restrict access to certain parts or files on the infected system, and besides a ransom in Exchange for removing this restriction, executed around the world last May 11, the Condusef has developed a series of suggestions in order to avoid being victims of future cyberattacks.
Ransomware kidnapped thousands of computers, according to Europol, however, not damaged to the teams of the National Commission for the protection and defense of users of Servicios Financieros (Condusef), reason for which that body has generated a series of recommendations that will prevent that other people are affected by the hackers.
The Condusef explained that they were only damaged with the cyberataque computers that use Windows operating system, reason why smartphones and other equipment remain free of the problem.
> Microsoft: Cyber attack is a wake up call to Governments some tips made by Condusef users to prevent attacks are: always keep updated the computer equipment and avoid leaving then pending updates.
Have an antivirus to surf the Internet.
> Cyber attack is “controlled”, says Russian company Kaspersky whenever you use a USB, program a quick scan on your computer to verify that it is not infected.
Never share personal or financial data.
It supports your information on external drives.
Beware of emails from dubious origin.
You are looking for information about new threats and investigates how to avoid them.
Do not give you click those links that generate you doubt.
If you get to be infected try to avoid paying, because rescue does not ensure that you can recover your data or access to your computer.

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