Mothers of disappeared in Mexico March for Justice

About 30,000 disappearances have been accounted for in Mexico until 2016. | Photo: @FJEDD

Mothers of thousands of missing persons in Mexico and Central America carried out this Wednesday the VI national dignity March to demand the presentation with their children’s lives. Travel was from the monument to the mother until the Angel of independence in the city of Mexico.
With the slogan ‘Mothers looking for their sons, daughters, truth and justice’ the mothers of victims of this tragedy seek receive answers in the disappearance of their children.
Members of the Group of women organized by the executed, abducted and disappeared from Nuevo León (loves) explained that several sick colleagues, who can no longer with this regret have. 
“Apart have to battle because the away our loved ones we are left with the responsibility to bring up children, without any financial support,” said one of the women.
In Mexico is celebrated the mother’s day every May 10, however, the relatives of the missing position the label #NadaQueCelebrar.


I’ve been looking for my kids for over 8 years, and not only speak of the 4 that I disappeared speak of all the missing @Fam_Busqueda – Red bud (@redretono) may 10, 2017 > with 23,000 deaths in 2016, Mexico is the second most violent country in the world according to reports of the National Commission on human rights until 2016 there are registered more than 30,000 people disappeared in Mexico.
Under the slogan of “this day is not of celebration but of struggle”, thousands of mothers protested in various parts of the Mexico to demand the authorities to locate living children.
For the sixth consecutive year, “many of us who are mothers of people who are missing will return to speak out on the day that you should be partying. Nothing to celebrate is the synthesis of the 10 of may in Mexico, because since we took our daughters and our sons, we live in uncertainty and permanent torture “, said a press release of the Organizing Committee.
In addition, the document states that “with pain in tow we went to the streets to demand and demand justice and truth; “we organize ourselves and strive to make us be returned our daughters and our sons and so there is more families maimed by enforced disappearance, that crime which has risen in recent years”.
> Detained during protest 236 fearfully in Chiapas, Mexico in concentration in Nuevo León, were present Alan García and Octavio Amezcua, members of the Office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations, and the consul of United States (U.S.) in Monterrey, Timothy Zúñiga.

#10Mayo | “Where are they?” is the continuous demand of thousands of mothers searching for their missing children. – Centro Prodh (@CentroProdh) may 10, 2017