UN resume Syrian negotiations in Geneva on 16 may

De Mistura expects that implemented the agreements reached on the creation of four safe areas in Syria. | Photo: EFE

Syria, Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy said in a statement that the Syrian negotiations in Geneva will resume on May 16.
According to the document, De Mistura seeks to take advantage of the new cycle of dialogues to promote the work on the agenda agreed with delegations in the penultimate round and, at the same time, implement agreed agreements of May 4th, in Astana, on the creation of four safe zones in the Arab country.
The fifth round of the Syrian negotiations in Geneva was held from March 23 until March 31, without that has achieved remarkable progress in the political settlement of the Syrian crisis.
Syria lives since March 2011 a conflict in which government troops face armed opposition groups and terrorist organizations as the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) and the facing the Nusra.
> Syria will respect the safe areas if the rebels abide by agreement