Russian Center assesses as stable areas of security in Syria

Security zones were agreed for the benefit of the Syrian civilians. | Photo: Reuters

The situation in the regions where the memorandum on areas of security in Syria is current is stable, said Sunday the Russian Center for reconciliation in the Arab nation.
“The operational situation in the areas where existing memorandum envelope the creation of security zones in the Syria Arab Republic by the parties to the conflict is assessed as stable”, says the Russian Center in a statement.
> High fire on Syrian security zones met in general was reported, at the same time, that in the past 24 hours, Russian representatives in the Russian-Turkish Joint Committee detected 18 violations of the truce in the governorates of Damascus (10), Latakia (3), Dera’a (3) and Hama (2).
While their Turkish colleagues found 15 violations of the Armistice in Damascus (2), Dera’a (3), Hama (7) and Homs (3).
The Russian Center for reconciliation stresses that most of the violations were detected in areas controlled by the terrorists of the calling Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic) and from the front to the Nusra.
The memorandum on the creation of four safe areas in Syria was signed by the guarantor countries of the Armistice, existing from the end of 2016 (Russia, Turkey and Iran), during the fourth round of the Syrian consultations in Astana, held on 3 and 4 May.
Agreement establishes safe areas to protect the civilian population and lower the tension between terrorist groups and Government forces, and will be valid for six months, extendable automatically whenever there is consensus among signatory countries, announced Russia.
The armed opposition Syrian, present in the capital of Kazakhstan, delegitimized the agreement because it rejects any role for Iran in the peace process, considering that it is a country of “aggressor”.
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