VIDEOS: Venezuelan opposition returns to generate violence

Vandalism groups warred with the police with petrol bombs. | Photo: AVN

The Venezuelan opposition marches carried out Monday in Caracas again ended in violence, which caused damage to public property and obstructed the right to freedom of movement.
Much of the violence and vandalism occurred in Altamira, located in the Chacao Municipality (East of Caracas). Some opposition protesters destroyed public property and also attacked the Bolivarian national guard vehicles.

These are some of the damage caused by opposition protesters today #Caracas #Venezuela #1 May – teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) may 2, 2017 opposition demonstrators cause disturbances in Altamira, Caracas.#Venezuela #1 May

-teleSUR Venezuela (@teleSURvzla) 1 may 2017 again in Caracas opposition mobilization becomes violent #Venezuela – Venezuela teleSUR (@teleSURvzla) 1 may 2017 leaders of Venezuela right convened Monday to continue Street actions through trancas at tracks around the country, even though the protests recent they have always ended in violence and vandalism by protesters.
In addition, opposition violence in the protests have left 29 people dead and at least 400 wounded.

Opposition protesters on this may 1 in Caracas. |  Photo: AVN