U.S. lifts veto on imports of Argentine lemons

On 26 May will culminate a trade veto dating from 2001, announced the U.S. Department of agriculture. | Photo: EFE

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it will raise on 26 may veto the import of Argentine lemons that governed since 2001. 
The White House had already announced this measure in December, even with Barack Obama as President, but Donald Trump suspended her for two months when he came to the oval room in January. 
The US Government extended the suspension in March for another two months, until 26 May. 
The Department of Agriculture announced Monday that will not extend that suspension, which ends on May 26 a trade veto that has more than 15 years. 
United States closed its market of Argentine lemons in 2001 for health reasons but the Department of agriculture determined in November that there was no danger of transmission of pests and citrus fruits to meet the necessary requirements. 
April 27 President Donald Trump held a meeting with the Argentine President Mauricio Macri, employers said that they would strengthen trade relations. 
> Trump praises economic reforms of Macri in Argentina “If Macri helps me with North Korea I help him with lemons”, said the Trump President, Macri response to this comment is unknown. 
> Government of Macri increases debt in almost 80,000 million dollars