Venezuelans return to streets to strengthen their longing for peace

Just as they did on April 19 the revolutionary forces agolparán the capital. | Photo: AVN

Working-class working all the country will mobilize on Monday May 1, labor day, from three points of Caracas (capital), to strengthen their longing for peace and ratify their support to the President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.
In parallel, the opposition also held two demonstrations in order to reach the headquarters of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) and the National Electoral Council (CNE) – both in the center of the Venezuelan capital – to ask for a new Court and “general election”.


Tomorrow pa street people who work for peace life and a sovereign country shared publication of Ernesto Villegas Poljak (@ernestovillegaspoljak) 30 Apr 2017 (s), 10:24 PDT during the broadcast of the program Sunday with Maduro, the President urged his supporters to attend the March organized by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Government with “a spirit of paternal claim “, of historical claim”.
“El1 may ° belongs to the working class. It is not capitalism nor rights day”said Maduro, who previously warned that Monday will offer a few”historical announcements”.
On the eve of the commemoration of the day of the worker, the head of State increased the monthly minimum income – basic salary and bonus food – from 150,000 to 200,000 bolivares.
The three points of concentration of the March Chavez will be the Libertador Avenue, from where will be mobilized workers of the oil sector; the corner of the taxi driver, located in the parish on January 23, where will depart the mass formed by the transportation sector; and the flag, where the construction sector will focus.

Points of concentration for this may 1 great mobilization: the flag the countryside corner of the taxi driver – VTV channel 8 (@VTVcanal8) 1 may 2017 “it will be with great joy, with the flags of our unions, shouting slogans of peace, the central dais will be located in avenida Bolivar, near the Palace of Justice. From three points, by way of the Paseo Colón, our aspiration is to enter avenida Bolivar and fill it full,”said Sunday the Minister of the Social process of labour, Francisco Torrealba.
> Mujica: irrational actions of the right threaten to Venezuela during the broadcast of the truthful kiosk program, that transmits State television Venezolana de Television, Torrealba said that the right will be on the street, but without Union support. “They Iran to leave the opposition political parties, but where they will leave workers and workers is in the revolutionary March,” he said.
Maduro ensures that his adversaries seek to give a coup d ‘ état to promote foreign intervention; as to the opposition they accused him to establish a “dictatorship”.
The protests unfold in Venezuela since last April 1 after the opposition reported a coup following the publication of two rulings of the TSJ, then partially reverse, in which the High Court assumed the powers of the Parliament and limited immunity.
But they also seek to let you know that “Venezuela wants to change” the Government.
> Poll reveals that 8 of every 10 Venezuelans reject violence these protests have left 29 dead, about 500 injured and more than a thousand detainees.