Syrian opposition will attend the next meeting of peace in Astana

The armed opponents agreed to return to Astana, where the days 3-4 May will take place the next round of Syrian consultations. | Photo: Reuters

Opposition groups in weapons to the Syrian Government confirmed that they will be present in the next round of peace talks in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan, informed members of the factions.
“We have decided to go to this round because Russia has presented a series of guarantees that our requirements will be fulfilled,” said one of the spokesmen for the armed opposition, Yahia Aridi.
> Russia relies on armed opposition from Syria to go to Astana in the last meeting in the capital of Kazakhstan, held in mid March, was boycotted by the armed opposition in protest for what he considered the failure of the truce by the Syrian Executive, among other reasons.
The next round of Syrian consultations in Astana is scheduled for days 3-4 May and will be preceded by a meeting of experts on day 2.
Speaking to the news agency EFE, Aridi said that this time the situation is different because “it is seeing that this US Administration is being more serious than the of (former President, Barack) Obama”.
Meanwhile, a member of the opposition delegation on weapons ratified him agency Sputnik Nóvosti participating in the Syrian negotiations.
> Al-Assad: we continue fighting terrorists “We received the official invitation to Astana, the Russian delegation, extended it to us and currently there is no armed group that opposes go to Astana, on the other hand, they see it as a chance to improve the situation on the ground,” said Fatih Hassoun.
The Syrian opponent stressed that “there is no strong voices that will speak out against going to Astana”.
Examples Syria lives since March 2011 an armed conflict that has caused between 300,000 and 400,000 dead, according to UN figures.
> Guterres supports process of Astana on crisis-resolution Syrian Astana has hosted three meetings which discussed how to maintain and expand the high force fire in Syria since the end of December. The appointments have been held on the initiative of Russia, Iran and Turkey.
In addition to the Astana, currently develops a process for negotiation on Syria in Geneva, Switzerland.