Spaniards reject corruption and say that conflict will grow

The Secretary general of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, says that the recovery of enterprises must be transferred to wages. | Photo: EFE

With the slogan “no excuses, the street”, trade unions of workers of Spain summoned this 1 may manifest in 73 cities in the country, to demand “stable employment, fair wages, decent pensions, greater social protection and repeal the labor reforms”.
The General Union of workers (UGT) and the Trade Union Confederation Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) made the call to the demonstration, much of their speeches is occupied by corruption.

Worthy ➕Salarios stable ➕empleo worth ➕pensiones social ➕proteccion ➖austeridad #alacalle #1demayo – Comisiones Obreras (@CCOO) may 1, 2017 Pepe Álvarez, Secretary general of the UGT, defined this may 1st as the of the “demand of liability to the corrupt in this country”. “Are not ones many, many,” he said. “You can not bear this pornography of messages, it is an obscenity”.
Alvarez recalled that, “while we stole hand over fist, they told us we had to to buckle and that it had to be done austerity policies”. “This is only fixes with changes in depth. You have to put an end to this scourge,”he added. 
> Evo Morales: now we have a State that is not submissive to the Empire for his part, Ignacio Fdez Toxo, Secretary general of the CCOO, referred to the motion of censure can-driven. “I don’t know if you have reason or not who has decided to pose or not a motion of censure’, but you will not finish with corruption if becomes dislodged not politicians that keep this situation from their places of Government.” 
Union leaders also demanded the cancellation of the last two labor reforms, employment quality, which renewed the Pact of Toledo and wages going up so not continue losing purchasing power. 

#alacalle #1demayo – Ignacio F. Toxo (@toxo) 1 may 2017 also, both Union members agreed on the need of combining negotiations with demonstrations. 
“Only the mobilization combined with negotiation, will give us positive results. Without mobilization rights and freedoms you can retrieve. A victory is never done without getting wet. In Spain a tortilla has never been done without breaking eggs”, warned Toxo. 
> General strike in Puerto Rico in protest at austerity Pepe Álvarez, warned employers that “the time is running out” and that if they do not reach an agreement on the wage Pact “the conflict in this country is going to grow. The recovery of enterprises must be transferred to wages”, he added.