Protests against EPN and Trump in the labor day in Mexico

No Government is on the side of the working class, was the main slogan of the organizations that called for the marches. | Photo: EFE

Protesters marched Monday in different streets of the city of Mexico against violations of human rights and the ages measures US President Donald Trump.
Workers of the national coordinator of education workers (CNTE), of centers of higher education and the national coordinator of university higher education unions protested against the economic and social policies of the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto (EPN), cried slogans against Trump outside the US Embassy and burned flags of the United States.

Mexican workers March on the day of the worker in Mexicali. Source: EFE despite protests against it, the Mexican President said that in Mexico there is “a labor market in Frank development”, so he said it in a speech from the residence of Los Pinos. 
Peña Nieto said that in his Government the minimum wage had a recovery in its purchasing power close to 13 percent, what is relevant considering that recovery of the minimum wage was of only 2.5 percent in the previous six. 

Demonstrators burned figure of Trump in the city of Mexico. Source: EFE “No Government is on the side of the working class”, was the main theme of the organizations that summoned a crowd of more than two kilometers long from entering the socket to the intersection of the Insurgentes avenues and reform. 
> Mexico, one of the most dangerous and insecure world trade unionists protested against the corruption of officials, demanded repeal to energy reform, labor and education, respect for the pensions of retirees and freedom for political prisoners in their organizations. 
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