Evo Morales: we now have a State that is not submissive to the Empire

Morales sent his congratulations to all workers. | Photo: @Canal_BoliviaTV

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said Monday that his country is now a State that is not submissive to the Empire, in the framework of the celebration of the day of the worker.
“The imperialist system will never want a competition, if someone gets up there to impose them, submit them, thanks to the struggle of the Bolivian people we have a State that is not submissive to the Empire, we have dignified”, stressed the President.
> 11 years of economic liberation in Bolivia stated that the fight of the Bolivian people is to block the neo-liberal model and recover the country’s resources, “fighting have recover the homeland”, he said.
At the same time called for the private sector to understand the economic model is not only of nationalization if not find certain equality.

#DíaDelTrabajo | Pdte. @evoespueblo: our struggle, our job is to guarantee economic sovereignty. #BoliviaTrabaja – Bolivia TV official (@Canal_BoliviaTV) 1 may 2017 Morales wage increase enacted two Supreme Decrees laying down a wage increase for this year from 10.8 percent to the national minimum and 7 percent to the basic credit of workers, which also benefits public servants.
After enacting the decrees, the head of State noted that since 2006, the increase to the minimum wage grew from 440 to 2,000 Bolivians; While a previous decade (1995-2005) rose only 221 to 440 bolivianos.
> Almagro should respect principles of OAS, Evo Morales insists “in 10 years the salary increase before and today.” In 1995 the national minimum wage was in 221 bolivianos, until the 2005 rose to 440 bolivianos; and in eleven years (since 2006), 440 bolivianos 2,000 Bolivians of increase to the national minimum wage,”said Morales.

#DíaDelTrabajo | Pdte. @evoespueblo: this recognition to workers is precisely with the salary increase. #BoliviaTrabaja pic.twitter.com/6imvDeXnDo – Bolivia TV official (@Canal_BoliviaTV) may 1, 2017