CFK says labor deterioration in Argentina on labor day

What was achieved was due to the project for a country that mobilizes, dignifies and allows progress, said CFK. | Photo: EFE

The former President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, said “there was nothing to celebrate but if much to understand and comprehend” in the context of the employment decline in Argentina. 
In the framework of the celebration of the labor day, Fernandez called on the Argentine people not to be afraid because they are the “most important legacy” of the country.
The exmandataria chose an old video of his speech in the Plaza de Mayo in 2014 for the day of the human rights and democracy to accompany your greeting by the labor day this may. 
He shared an excerpt of his speech on December 13, 2014: “if they betray the flags, if they want to restore a conservative order, I will not be the problem. The problem is going to be you because they grew up in a different country. The problem will be the millions of young people who had a job or the thousands of scientists and scientists who feel included by his country, which gives them the tools to carry out their illusions, their studies for the first time”. 
“The problem won’t be me, are going to be some who don’t want me to and that do not realize that what was achieved not was only by merit of the work, but because there is a project for a country which includes, that dignifies, which mobilizes and allowing progress in everyday life”, concludes her speech. 

May 1, 2017. Nothing to celebrate but if much to understand and above all understand #diadeltrabajador – Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) may 1, 2017