Western coalition attack leaves 8 civilians killed in Syria

The number of people dead and wounded after the attack could increase. | Photo: AP

At least eight Syrian civilians were killed on Sunday in the West of the city of Raqa’i, in Syria, after an attack carried out by the international military coalition led by the United States (U.S.). 
“Eight people were killed, including five from the same family, in an attack by the air force of the coalition headed by Washington in the districts of Mansur and the Wajab at Tabqa”, Syrian State television reported.
> USA deploys army between Syria and Turkey according to official sources in that country, the bombing occurred in the districts of Mansur and the Wajab, near the town of Tabqa.
Local media indicate that the attack on the Syrian population left 14 dead ones and a large number of wounded.
The U.S. Government and its allies in the region maintain its armed attacks against Syria, under the pretext of combating the terrorist forces in the Arab country.