Survey reveals that 8 of every 10 Venezuelans reject violence

Sectors of the right reject dialogue with the Government and call for the immediate departure of Maduro's presidency behind violent protests. | Photo: AVN

The violent acts perpetrated by the Venezuelan right as a way to destabilize Government of Nicolás Maduro in recent weeks are rejected by eight of every 10 citizens in the country.
The statement emerges from a recent study conducted by the consulting firm Hinterlaces and diffused in the program José Vicente Hoy by a half Venezuelan private. 
Consulted 1580, 80 percent said being in disagreement with the violent as method or instrument of protest demonstrations; 19 percent expressed agree and 1 percent said not knowing.
The survey known as Monitor country was performed on April 17 in homes around the country. 
Regarding the intention of opposing the immediate departure of President Maduro’s power sector, 65 percent expressed itself in favor of waiting for the presidential elections scheduled for 2018. Only 33 percent expected the immediate departure of the representative of the Presidency and 2 percent don’t know or no answer. 
Various national and international personalities, as well as social movements, have recently spoken in favour of dialogue among political actors in Venezuela and rejection of violent protests from the right that have left 26 people dead and 400 wounded. 
> Pope calls on Venezuela to prevent violence the President Maduro has insisted his call for dialogue in the country and the need to respect the electoral timetable which provides for regional elections this year. 
Furthermore, sectors of the right have rejected dialogue and maintain its violent agenda in the nation.
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