Mujica: Venezuelan irrational right is a danger to the country

Mujica said that each country should resolve their affairs without foreign intervention. | Photo: EFE

The former President of Uruguay José “Pepe” Mujica said that the radical actions of the Venezuelan opposition and the actions of Luis Almagro from the Organization of American States (OAS) are a danger for the country and the region. 
During an interview, Mujica said that the Venezuelan right acts of radical and “irrational” way.
“What frightens me most of Venezuela’s opposition, or a very important part of it. I think that there is a climate of radicalisation has become irrational and that ultimately ends up favoring the right,”he said. 
> Venezuela: Leader of right admits gang diversion in the last few weeks the demonstrations called by the Venezuelan right have concluded in acts of violence and vandalism, and left as a result more than 24 dead and 400 wounded.
Mujica warned that Almagro from the OAS actions are a “danger”, not only for Venezuela but for the entire continent. In his view, each country must resolve its “dramas” and not allow foreign intervention.
Before the Venezuelan right intentions, the Uribe and Unasur representative said that “worst that we can do Latin Americans is give pump to interventionism”. 
> Almagro should respect principles of OAS, insists Evo Morales Mujica urged dialogue as solution “to appease the spirits” and find a solution, without interventionism. 
The violent actions of the Venezuelan right have been denounced by the Government of Nicolas Maduro as an attempt to destabilize his administration. 
Maduro has insisted on inviting dialogue on several occasions, however, the Venezuelan opposition refuses this possibility. 
The President has made a call to abandon demands that go against the Constitution and respect the electoral calendar of the country. 

President @NicolasMaduro on the right: “They have tight game of politics on peace and coexistence” – presidential press (@PresidencialVen) April 30, 2017