Le Pen seeks to wrest the Macron victory in presidential elections

The Alliance sealed between Le Pen and Europhobe Nicolas Dupont-Aignan right could reinforce the position of the candidate of the FN. | Photo: EFE

The ultra-right Marine Le Pen continued Sunday their offensive campaign to snatch victory by his rival centrist Emmanuel Macron, challenging him with acts surprises without notifying the press, within a week of the second round of the presidential elections.
Le Pen visited workers at a threatened factory closure at the time that his rival would meet with their unions, and placed a bouquet of flowers to the monument to the deportees in Marseille (South), without notifying the press.
The distance is close between the two finalists – Emmanuel Macron has a 59 percent of intentions to vote against 41 percent for his rival – and the Covenant was sealed Saturday between Le Pen and the head of a small anti-European party could strengthen the position of the candidate of the national front.
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan earned a 4.7 per cent of the votes in the first round of the elections, and it will be named Prime Minister in case of victory, announced Marine Le Pen.
Regarding the proposal to abandon the euro, the candidate wants to negotiate this issue in Brussels, but no longer presents the idea of restoration of a national currency as a priority.
Demonstrations hostile to the two candidates, one qualified as a “capitalist” and other “fascist” are planned for Monday.

Do the EU’s future voting #Francia?
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