Cuba will grant awards to President Rafael Correa

Presidents have received this recognition as Vladimir Putin's Russia, Felipe González of Spain and Hugo Chávez de Venezuela. | Photo: EFE

The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, reported that the Cuban Government will deliver to you the order José Martí.
“I travel to Cuba, because they have bad taste give me a doctorate honoris causa in the University of Havana, and the order José Martí by the Government of Cuba,” said Saturday, during their weekly report.
The José Martí order was instituted in Cuba in 1972 and is awarded to Cuban, foreign citizens, and to heads of State or Government by great deeds in favour of peace and humanity; for valuable and extraordinary contributions in education, culture, science and sport, as well as featured in creative work merits.
The return of the Ecuadorian President is scheduled for the morning of May 6. This will be the last international trip scheduled by the head of State before handing over the Presidency may 24 to his successor, Lenín Moreno, who was elected last April 2, together with Vice President Jorge Glas. 
> Moreno and belt start transition from the Government Ecuadorian President has been recognized worldwide by the social and economic progress that it has driven as you move up ten places in the human development index, reduce unemployment to 4.3% and incorporate more than one million workers in social security.