Almagro should respect principles of OAS, Evo Morales insists

The President recalled that the military interventions in the countries are not casual but that occur when people decide to reveal against the Empire. | Photo: Communications Bolivia

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, denounced again this Sunday shouldnít actions against Venezuela within the Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary general of the Organization, Luis Almagro, and some Governments of right. 
“No one can understand what makes the OAS against Venezuela”, said the President and added that the regional organization should respect its Charter, because aggression against an American country “is an assault on all the American States”. 
> Evo Morales sentence conspiracy of the OAS against Venezuela in a ceremony at a school in Tiraque, Cochabamba, Morales read the OAS principles which include respect for the personality, sovereignty and independence of the Member States.
“And what they are doing in Venezuela,” questioned the Bolivian leader, “giving a coup supported by the United States”, he said. 
He said that the Secretary general of the OAS should respect the basics of the block and not be “complicit” in the Imperial forces.
He also referred to other forms of aggression against the Nations in which the town has decided to recover the domain of ss resources.

Pdte. @evoespueblo: “Las potencias cuando no pueden derrotar a los mandatario nos atacan económicamente” #Cbba

— Min. communication (@mincombolivia) April 30, 2017 data: Venezuela communicated formally to the OAS his exit from the regional bloc after interference in her womb that aggravated the protests of the right in the country with violent dye and which have left more than 20 dead in recent weeks. 
> Venezuela reaffirms its sovereignty to deliver letter that formalizes the OAS retirement