Dan prison home to the Argentine repressor Miguel Etchecolatzl

The benefit to the repressor will not be effective immediately. | Photo: archive

Chamber of Penal Cassation gave the Argentine repressor, Miguel Etchecolatz, who shall not be effective yet since the former Director of investigations of the police of Buenos Aires has other cases pending home prison. 
Ana María Figueroa judge voted against granting the benefit, while Liliana Catucci and Eduardo Riggi accepted the request of the defenders of the repressor. Record will be again the judge of first instance, Eduardo Kreplac, local media reported.
However, Etchecolatz must continue detained since last week, the room number 4 of the Chamber of Cassation, denied home prison as part of the cause for the clandestine detention Inferno Center, located in Avellaneda.
“We are going on way to the home of all the oppressors after the Supreme Court ruling of two weeks ago, with the endorsement that gave him the Chambers of appeal.” It is only a matter of time. It won’t be massive once they will be drip,”warned the lawyer Guadalupe Godoy, Prosecutor in cases of human rights.