Congress of the Colombia peace Plaza Bolivar held with participation of the FARC-EP

The FARC-EP, ELN and social organizations reject the veto of the President of the Senate and the House of Colombia against the leaders of insurgent groups. | Photo: NC news

The Congress of the Colombia Peace held this Saturday in the Plaza Bolivar in Bogotá together to the forces armed revolutionary of Colombia – army of the people (FARC-EP), social movements and the people, once the Presidents of the Senate and the House of representatives deny entrance to the parliamentary precinct representatives of insurgent groups. 
“Those who dare at this decisive time to raise the flag of hate and violence is because it has lost the reason”, said the head of the delegation of peace of the FARC-EP, Iván Márquez, in his speech. 

With the presence of the @FARC_EPueblo meets the @CongresoNalPaz at Plaza de Bolívar. #AlaPazNoLeFallo – voices of peace (@VocesDePazCo) April 29, 2017 Marquez pointed out that national will will be decisive for progress in the peace agreements, defeat hate and walk towards reconciliation. 
“The peace agreement is more than 310 pages signed by the parties, it is the birth certificate of a transformative power that may be used to fill the homeland of humanity, inclusion and social justice,” said the insurgent leader.
Also urged the Government of Juan Manuel Santos and the army of national liberation (ELN) progress in the peace negotiations in Quito, Ecuador. “We want to make that in a bilateral cessation of hostilities,” he said. 
Marquez, and the Chief negotiator for the ELN, Pablo Beltran, were to participate in the opening ceremony of the National Congress of peace, until was denied its entry only love and solidarity will open the transit of war to La Paz, @jairoriverah #ALaPazNoLeFallo – voices of peace (@VocesDePazCo) 29 April 2017 reject veto payable. Senate and House to FARC in the peace conference. Deploy is not only legislate, we open paths of reconciliation. – voices of peace (@VocesDePazCo) 28 April 2017