Colombian Government and ELN dialogue postponed to May 10

The parties opened on 7 February in Quito a dialogue process. | Photo: EFE

The Government of Colombia and the army of national liberation (ELN) agreed to postpone the second round of peace talks for the upcoming May 10, seven days after the scheduled previously.
The meeting was postponed since members of the ELN will travel to Cuba to meet with spokespersons of the forces armed revolutionary of Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP), with the objective of sharing experiences in talks for peace.
> Congress of peace will be in Plaza Bolivar after denying entry of FARC-EP and ELN by ELN and FARC Summit in Havana, Government and ELN agreed to postpone start new cycle of dialogue in Ecuador to 10-05 – Carlos A. Lozano g. (@carloslozanogui) 29 April 2017 the Office of the High Commissioner for peace, as delegate of the Colombian Executive authorized the meeting among members of the Central command of the ELN and the FARC-EP in Havana (capital) Secretariat, said in a statement.
In Cuba meeting between representatives of the two oldest guerillas in Colombia will occur on a date not specified in the first days of May.
Both the ELN and the FARC-EP have engaged in dialogue with the Colombian Government with the intention of ending the armed conflict. In the case of the FARC-EP have a signed peace agreement, and already have permission to their political participation.
The transfer of insurgents from the ELN and FARC-EP will be coordinated by the International Red Cross and will be with the accompaniment of the guarantor countries of the talks.
“The meeting is done with the authorization of the national Government to achieve an exchange of the experiences of the negotiation tables, as well as the development of the implementation of the agreement with the FARC-EP”, was added.
> Progress in negotiating Colombian ELN-Government in Ecuador in Quito, capital of Ecuador on February 7 and host of the talks, opened the dialogue process between the Government and ELN, aimed at ending the conflict that have lasted for more than 52 years.