We rejected “excuses” for not supporting the motion against Rajoy

Pablo Iglesias defends this proposal as a majority demand for Spanish society. | Photo: EFE

The Secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, said this Friday to the workers Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and citizens that “no excuses” for not supporting the motion of censure, driven by his party against the President of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, unless you choose “keep corruption”.
Iglesias said “currently support Rajoy is supporting corruption”. He also asked Socialist and “orange” that are “consistent”. “Or are you with the corrupt or not”, emphasized.
The Member also noted that the PSOE and people not can hide behind shapes used by can to not approve the motion of censure, since “the corruption of the Popular Party (PP)” is “too serious”. “No excuses”, he said.

Next meeting to fill with content our #MociónCensuraAlPP. @Pablo_Iglesias_ @MayoralRafa and @carlossmato with ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/8JSFB0JQ05 GESTHA – can (@ahorapodemos) 28 April 2017 > corruption crisis affects the Spanish party of Rajoy “our country has not experienced a situation of exceptionality as where we live now.” So our duty is, the motion of censure”argued churches, to emphasize that it is urgent”take the PP in the institutions”.
For its part, the PSOE, citizens and the PNV rejected immediately the proposal, while the rest of the arch parliamentary parties decided to study it. 
We can start a motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy Iglesias defends this proposal as “a majority of Spanish society demand” and why, asks PSOE and citizens who fail to rectify and offered the possibility to present candidates to lead the motion, if you so prefer.
“What they have to do the political groups who support Rajoy is to say yes to the motion and after to make candidates who want to.” If the PSOE and citizens rectify, to propose candidates. It won’t be a problem for us”, said Iglesias.

Witness in the case of the financing of his party, but the triple Alliance does not want to be explain in Congress https://t.co/2wKmYB8pH8 – Pablo Iglesias (@Pablo_Iglesias_) 28 April 2017