US deploys army between Syria and Turkey

US maintains its presence in the region with armored vehicles. | Photo: Reuters

The Commander of the militia Kurdish, Popular protection (YPG in Kurdish), Sharvan Kobani, unit reported that the U.S. Army is carrying out preparations closely “monitoring” the situation in the turco-siria border.
Convoys of armored vehicles on a rural road near the village of Darbasiyah, on the border with Turkey can be seen in images broadcast by Syrian activists.
Last Wednesday followed clashes between Turkish and Kurdish forces, a day after Turkey air force to destroy a Kurdish barracks. The attacks were denounced both the United States and by Russia and resulted in the deaths of at least 30 fighters and officials of the YPG.
Kurdish forces are close allies of the United States in the fight against the self-styled Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic). However, the Turkish Government considers them a terrorist group for links with Kurdish rebels operating in Turkey against the Government of Bashar Al-Assad.
The Kurdish official, Ilham Aham, confirmed that U.S. forces began Thursday to patrol the border area as well as to carry out reconnaissance flights in the region. According to a Kurdish activist, Mustafa Bali, the deployment stretches from the Iraqi border to several kilometers more Darbasiyah West.
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