U.S. Senate approves only latino Cabinet Trump

The decision was made with 60 votes in favor and 38 against. | Photo: Reuters

The Senate of the United States confirmed this Thursday to Alexander Acosta as Secretary of the Department of labor. It will be the only latino in the Cabinet of President Donald Trump.
The decision was made with 60 votes in favor and 38 against. Acosta is a member of the national labour relations board and Dean of the Florida International University of law.
This is the third time that the Senate approves Acosta to a position within any Government Department. During the term of George W. Bush was Deputy Attorney general of the Justice Department.
Miami Attorney was the second choice of Trump because it was nominated once Andrew Puzder, the original candidate of Trump, withdrew due to lack of support among Republican senators. Puzder, a businessman in the fast food sector, was rejected by Senators when he acknowledged having had a housekeeper who did not have papers to work in the United States and failing to pay the related taxes only after the nomination.
Acosta, the son of Cuban immigrants, is joining a Cabinet lacking otherwise members of Latin descent. A feature that was severely criticized by critics of Trump management.
The politician in office will replace another Hispanic, Tom Perez, who was Secretary of labor in the Government of Barack Obama.
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