U.S. Approves law to avoid paralysis of the Government

The law gives lawmakers a deadline until 5 May to approve a project's funding from federal agencies for the fiscal year that ends September 30. | Photo: AP

The United States House of representatives gave the green light Friday to a law that prevents a looming stoppage of the Government. The initiative will now pass us President Donald Trump, which should become law.
The law seeks to prevent the closure of many federal government agencies on Saturday, his number 100 in office.
The US Congress has spent months immersed in a struggle by $ 1 trillion in spending priorities. It was assumed that congressmen had taken delivery of the Act for the current fiscal year on October 1.
The Democrats endorsed the law one day once again Republican leaders in the House postponed a vote on a major health legislation sponsored by Trump that they oppose because it abolished the so-called Obamacare.
Republicans seek an increase in spending in defense in the Act of financing that will be negotiated in the coming days.
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