Trump wants South Korea to pay for deployment of the THAAD

Donald Trump in an interview from the Oval Office of the White House. | Photo: Reuters

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, wants South Korea to pay 1,000 million dollars for the deployment of the air defense system of high altitude Terminal (THAAD, for its acronym in English) into South Korean territory.
“I informed South Korea that it would be appropriate to pay. It is a system of 1,000 million dollars,”said Trump interviewed by the Reuters news agency.

MORE: Trump wants to renegotiate or terminate ‘horrible’ trade deal with South Korea, wants it to pay for $1 – billion THAAD missile defense – Reuters Top News (@Reuters) 28 April 2017 designed to shoot down missiles at high altitudes, the THAAD battery includes six self-propelled launchers (each with about 50 interceptor missiles) and a launch and communications control unit connected to a powerful band x. long-range radar system > USA and Korea of the South agree to deploy system missile that defense system is officially directed against Korea in the North, in response to the development of its nuclear arsenal and missiles, and it was deployed in a way ahead after the visit of the Vice President of United States, Mike Pence, to South Korean territory.
In response to the words of Trump, the Defense Ministry of South Korea warned that United States should pay for the costs of the operation of the THAAD.
The Ministry said that there are no changes in the “basic stance” that the South Korean Government provide the site for the location of the THAAD and the relevant facilities, while the United States is responsible for the costs of installation and operation, it concerns the Yonhap News Agency.
“Unacceptable agreement” in the interview, Trump described as “unacceptable” trade pact for five years with South Korea and said that it will seek to renegotiate it once his administration complete reform of the Treaty of free trade in North America (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada.
> President Donald Trump decides not to cancel the NAFTA “for now” EXCLUSIVE: Trump tells @Reuters he was ‘ psyched to terminate NAFTA’ before telephone calls from Canadian, Mexican leaders – Reuters Top News (@Reuters) April 28, 2017 Trump blame for the trade agreement between his country and Korea of the South, known as KORUS, Democrat presidential candidate in 2016 , Hillary Clinton, who, as Secretary of State, promoted the final version of the Pact before its approval by the Congress in 2011.
“It is unacceptable, it is a horrible deal made by Hillary,” the Republican President said. “It is a horrible deal, and we are going to renegotiate or terminate it,” he added.