Trump: U.S. needs the wall to stop bad people

We will build the wall, no matter how much lower this figure or how much rise. No doubt it, said the Tycoon. | Photo: Reuters

The President of United States (U.S.), Donald Trump, reiterated Friday that will build the wall on the border with Mexico, but continue the descent of undocumented immigrants who enter the country from the South, because “USA need him to stop the trafficking in human beings, stop drugs and bad people”.
“We will build the wall, no matter how much lower this figure or how much rise. Do not hesitate”, Trump said during a speech to the annual Conference of the National Association of the Rifle (NRA), in reference to the descent of the arrests of undocumented immigrants on the southern border, that coded by 73 percent since the Republican won election in November 2016.
“They are trying to use that figure against us. We have already made things incredibly at the border and they are trying to use it against us,”added the head of State and said that possibly there will be a physical along the entire border barrier because there are obstacles such as”great rivers”.
> “Construction of wall in Mexico is unrelated to bilateral relationship”, magnate who often relates with the presence of undocumented criminal activity despite the fact that the statistics do not confirm this trend, said that “the world is understanding the message, you know that our borders are not open to illegal immigration”.
According to data from the Bureau of customs and border protection (CBP), the arrests on the border with Mexico during the first quarter of 2017 have declined for the first time in 17 years.
Since the year 2000, the arrests had increased during this period, but this year fell 40 per cent from January to February and another 35 per cent from February to March, and a total of 25 per cent on the same period of the previous year.
> Mexico believes that border wall is a “hostile” Act