Silvio Rodríguez urges Venezuelans to continue the fight

Silvio Rodríguez referred to the attacks suffered by Venezuela and the Government of the President Nicolas Maduro. | Photo: archive

“Don’t let fight for our America” told Venezuelans the Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez, before the onslaught suffering Venezuela driven by national and international right.
Rodriguez felt the destabilizing actions of right on Cuba to overcome violence unleashed by terrorist groups in Venezuela during the 60’s.
“There were some years after the revolutionary triumph, in that take to the streets of Havana was also an adventure, because the counterrevolution put bombs, even in the cinemas (…). But what you is much more stressful and violent, are living because it’s fairly broad sections of population dedicated to urban belligerency”, noted the Cuban singer in a message on its web site
“While I’m still making me questions I can only ask that they care much, that will not give, which are not reckless, but if feel it nor stop fighting for what it is worth, the Nuestra America that they foresee Bolívar and Marti, Fidel and Chavez, and that makes us so much”, said Rodriguez.
The author of numerous compositions that invite love, exalting the human and promote the Bolivarian and Martí ideal of unity of Latin America, said that the response of the Venezuelan should be the fight.
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