They killed another insurgent of the FARC-EP in Cauca, Colombia

In less than 10 days have killed two ex-members of FARC-EP, while they were in the process of incorporation into civilian life together with their families. | Photo: El Salvador

A new victim is added to the list of murdered Colombian exinsurgentes, this time it’s José Húber Yatacué, who had 18 years in the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP).
José Húber Yatacué was murdered on Tuesday 25 in Toribío, Cauca. The insurgent had decided to finish the process of reinstatement in the town where he lived with his family.
The veteran before recovering their freedom was in the present area of grouping known as Monterredondo, located in the municipality of Miranda, North of Cauca, along with about 250 members of the FARC-EP.
Through a statement of the point of normalization transient Dagoberto Ortiz Monterredondo, in Cauca, it was reported that José Yatacúe was at his home and received a call from someone identified as Jhon Ramírez, who asked him to “bring him a mirror at the exit of the village of Toribio, in front of the Hospital”.
When Yatacue arrived to the site he was murdered multiple shooting causing her immediate death, by his alleged partner.
> Sent to prison murder of the pardoned insurgent of the FARC-EP the prosecutor general Nestor Humberto Martinez Neira confirmed the news of the second crime against amnestied of FARC-EP.
> The FARC-EP are demanding security guarantees for its members the Prosecutor makes a call to the convenience that the militiamen also joining the community areas and thus ensure your safety and avoid that they continue killing them.

They follow massacres of family members of guerrillas in Antioquia and Chocó. We demand protection measures where are the guarantees? #FARC – Rodrigo Londoño (@TimoFARC) April 27, 2017