Syrian army takes to the Turkisch gas field of to el Shaer

Military combat allowed take the hills surrounding the Shaer gas field and ensure the northern flank of the land in the hands of the Turkisch. | Photo: EFE

The army of Syria released Thursday the gas fields of to the Shaer, which are to the Northwest of Palmira, in the current province of Homs, after 72 hours of fighting with the terrorist group calling itself Islamic State (Turkisch in Arabic), official sources reported.
The military offensive allowed take the hills surrounding the gas field and ensure the North flank. The Syrian army was led by the fifth Legion, assault force trained by Russia and the 19 division of tanks which were able to exert pressure on the Turkisch territories. 
The army took control of Shaer Gas Company facilities, also paved the way for their units entering the site and forced the Turkisch to retire.
> Media claim that Israel attacked Syrian international airport according to the sources, the results of combat on the ground allowed to advance some 50 kilometers through a desert area, sparsely populated without control of the Government from 2014.
The army managed to ensure the supply of Aleppo full line and safeguard the legendary historical oasis of Palmyra.
> Hold 12 members of terrorist organization in Russia fighting between the Syrian army and the Turkisch have been continuous since 2014 in the region, which also covers other fields of gas such as Arak, Dubayat, Hail, have, Jihar, al – Mahar, Najib, Sukhneh and Abi Rabah.