Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike refuse to drink water

Every Palestinian family has at least one prisoner Member, or who was in prison. | Photo: @europapress

At least 1500 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, on strike since last April 17, began on Wednesday to reject the intake of water, reported the Palestinian News Agency Maan.
The prisoners, who are isolated in the Ramla Prison, refuse to drink water, said the joint Palestinian prisoners Society Committee and the Palestinian Committee for prisoners Affairs.
In this regard, the director of the Palestinian Committee on prisoners Affairs, Issa Qaraqe, expressed that in prisons in Israel “have followed increased punitive measures” against detainees on strike.
> Call general strike in support of Palestinian prisoners for his part, the Minister of public security of Israel, Gilad Erdan, said last week that his country is not willing to negotiate with the Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike.
“They are terrorists and imprisoned murderers who are getting what they deserve, and there is no reason to negotiate with them,” Erdan said.
Supporting 1500 detainees in the Palestinian hunger strike began on Thursday a general strike. In the Centre of Ramallah, occupied West Bank, the streets were empty, the shops closed and transport on strike.
Prisoners Palestinians denounce the detentions without trial and isolation, as well as the restitution of some rights that had been removed them. 
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