Laws of peace process progresses in the Colombian Congress

The Colombian Congress seeks to implement regulations that will allow progress in the peace agreements reached between the Government and the insurgent group. | Photo: Reuters

The Colombian Congress continues on Thursday with the processing of legal regulations which van aimed at the implementation of the historic peace agreement between the Government and the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP), on November 24.
This is done through the adoption of legislative acts dealing with the reinstatement of the insurgent group in the political and social life of Colombia.
It remains still deal in Congress some regulations to strengthen the basis of the agreements reached between the Government of Santos and the insurgency, said the Senator Iván Cepeda, who drives the dialogues of peace in this South American nation. 
> Colombian Senate approves political participation of the FARC-EP plenary of the Senate vote favorably Statute of the opposition. Finally, it was created after 26 years of waiting and thanks to the peace agreement.

-Iván Cepeda Castro (@IvanCepedaCast) April 26, 2017 established agreements is intended that the political force that emerges from the FARC-EP will feature five seats before the Senate, and equal number of seats in the Chamber of representatives of the Congress for a period of eight years.
Similarly, you can take part in the presidential elections of 2018, will demonstrate to the country where their acceptance and support in the population.

> National Congress of peace and unity will discuss Colombia data process: at least seven thousand men and women belonging to the ranks of the FARC-EP are concentrated in areas of transition and disarmament, prior to re-entry into civilian life. 
After this process is completed, the leaders of the FARC-EP can create his party and represent the Colombian society.