Another step of peace! Colombian Senate approves political participation of the FARC-EP

With 59 votes in favor and zero against it was decided by the reinstatement of the forces Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo. | Photo: @CristoBustos

The Colombian Senate approved Wednesday in last debate the legislative act of political reintegration of the forces armed revolutionary of Colombia-Ejército del Pueblo (FARC – EP), as one further step to stop the war in the South American country.
The draft, adopted with 52 votes in favor and zero against, will pass to conciliation in both Colombian Chambers and revision of the Constitutional Court.
> National Congress of peace and unity will discuss process in Colombia, “today’s decision is vital. This legislation completes the package of initiatives with which we offer guarantees for the fulfillment of the agreements for a stable peace in our country”, said the Minister of the Interior, Juan Fernando Cristo, in a statement.

#PlenariaSenado approves report with which ends the presentation of #ReincorporaciónPolítica with 52 votes in favour and opens discussion of the articles – Juan Fernando Cristo (@CristoBustos) April 26, 2017 Christ, who took part in the debate, urged MPs to vote in favour of the measure immediately “to ensure the disarmament” of the FARC-EP, since the legal approved regulations that it will not split the insurgency “If there is no total abdication of weapons”.
The party that emerges after the demobilization and disarmament of the guerrillas, which signed on 24 November a peace agreement with the Government, will compete on equal terms for all of the seats that are elected in each constituency.
The FARC-EP have guaranteed, Transiently, five seats by the following two legislative periods (eight years). “These seats are in addition to those established at present”, said the Minister.
March 2018 the new political group will have to be measured against other political parties.
> The FARC-EP are demanding security guarantees for its members