Syria calls on neighboring States to unite against terrorism

Mahmud Shawa ensures that international absence allows is to sponsor terrorism. | Photo: AP

The Syrian Defense Minister, Mahmud Shawa, invited neighbouring countries to create security arrangements to ensure the progress of the fight against terrorism. 
During his speech at the 6th Moscow Security Conference, Shawa said that reaching agreements between neighbouring States would ensure a balanced counter-terrorism, as well as the exchange of information and the promotion of safety. 
> Russia fears a new attack with chemical weapons to blame Syria assure you that by joining international efforts will help to eradicate terrorism, and added that if the Nations are not co-ordinated the desired results will not be.
“We need to find a way to control these networks, reveal and punish the directors of channels and radios that make direct or indirect propaganda of terrorism,” he denounced.
> Russia will face attempts to prevent dialogue in Syria in that regard, Shawa said that international absence allows that it is sponsoring terrorism “in a way directly and indirectly”, due to the support that give you some countries.