Trump reduces $133 million to $105 million aid to Colombia

Trimming would come to 45 percent when compared with the expected resources of the Plan Colombia peace of Obama. | Photo: Reuters

US President Donald Trump reduced by 28 million dollars financial aid to Colombia within the framework of its program “America first” (United States first).
The Government of Colombia would receive $ 133 million in 2016 to $ 105 million in 2018. This taking into account missing approve the budget of 2017.
Trump filed the document Congress with the new budget that outlined investments in direct foreign aid by 2018.
> Iván Cepeda: peace in Colombia still needs a boost of at least 21 percent cut would affect directly the funds for the implementation of the peace agreement with the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – people’s Army (FARC-EP). 
> Maduro alert killing against leaders of FARC-EP, which signed peace in Colombia cuts would reach 45 per cent when compared with the resources that are expected to plan peace Colombia. A plan which was presented by U.S. President Barack Obama in 2016 and that he associated with the post-conflict programmes emphasized.