National Congress of peace and unity will discuss process in Colombia

The purpose of the Congress is to work for the construction of a National Pact for life and peace. | Photo: teleSUR

The National Congress of peace and unity, an event organized by the Group national network of citizen initiatives for peace and against war (Redepaz), will bring together political actors from all sectors of Colombia. Thus, the Organization’s President expressed it Luis Ignacio Sandoval, philosopher and Economist.
In an interview at peace with Lozano, broadcast by teleSUR, Sandoval reported details of the Congress which will happen in up to 20 cities in the world at the same time. The Congress will coincide with the Guernica Gogoratuz award to the peace process, in the figures of the President of Colombia and the Chief of the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia – army of the Pueblo (FARC-EP), on 27, 28 and 29 April.
Committees and caucuses, the Congress will discuss six points the agreements of Havana and the dialogue process with the army of national liberation (ELN) in Quito. Guarantees to life, the State of the implementation of the agreement, the status of the process in Quito, the political context to future territorial peace-building, and the role of culture, education and communication for peace.

The @CongresoNalPaz will take place the next 27,28 and 29 April: @luisisandoval – peace by Lozano (@PazPorLozano) April 25, 2017 Sandoval extended the invitation to all friends of peace but he said “see not only the convinced always but that we reach out to sectors of contrary opinion”.
It was reported that among the personalities who have confirmed their attendance Andrés París, Iván Márquez and Oscar Naranjo, the Vice President of Colombia are. The appointment will also attend ten aspiring Presidential candidate in upcoming elections for their views on the future of the peace process.
For Sandoval, the Congress Center will be the construction of a National Pact for life and peace. “Peace is not only the negative part, ended the armed conflict. But comes the positive peace which is more difficult. It is to make rights a reality. It is political openness and attention to victims. “Peace for society is changing, more democracy, more social justice, more dignity of the nation in its relationship with the world”, said about the Covenant.
He recalled that to be effective the peace you have to become State policy, including all national sectors in consensus and lead to a legitimate and not arbitrary use of force on the part of the Colombian State.
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