Morales Urges UN to act against genocide in Palestine

The President of Bolivia Evo Morales, flatly rejected the bombing of the Government of Israel to the Gaza Strip that has left more than 200 dead. (Photo: teleSUR)

The President of Bolivia Evo Morales, flatly rejected the bombing of the Government of Israel to the Gaza Strip that has left more than 200 dead in their ninth day of attack, and urged the High Commissioner for the rights of the UN human, Navi Pillay, take responsibility and stop the genocide.
“It is very important that the High Commissioner of the United Nations to assume its responsibility to stop the genocide (…) It is evident that a country seeking its release there is no Security Council, there is no blue helmets that support it”, said Wednesday the Bolivian dignitary in exclusive interview with teleSUR.
Similarly, the dignitary, who is currently in Brazil participating in the meeting of the BRICS and the Union of United Nations (Unasur), said that in the coming weeks all countries members of this body will decide during the meeting of the Organization of United Nations (UN) by a document which is to put an end to the israeli siege against Palestinians in Gaza.
On Wednesday the Israeli armed forces agreed to a “humanitarian” ceasefire for five hours from Thursday in its attacks on the Gaza Strip to allow Palestinians to over-provision is commodity.
Russia and China are an encouragement to Latin America President of Bolivia expressed deep like the presence of Russia and China in the Latin-American continent, because in his view these major world powers allow that will strengthen the struggle of South America, not only in the liberation of peoples but also in the political and economic. “These countries are not to submit but to free us desarorollan”.
Russia and China are part of the BRICS together with Brazil, India and South Africa, group that is in located in Brasilia (Brazil’s capital) where this Wednesday held meetings with Presidents that make up Unasur.
“It is a historical event and unforgettable.” At this time the Unasur has another group of allies such as the BRICS with the presence of the countries Russia and China which are part of the world power in Latin America. They are a breath, a fortress to keep fighting for the liberation of our people, and above all by the formation of a multipolar world.”
Morales supported the Development Bank of the BRICS, which has a capital of 100 billion dollars and which also aims to help countries in development. “It is important for ending the subjection which had the International Monetary Fund (…) We hope that you can also have strong influence in the fight against economic and financial extortion as the case of the vulture funds with Argentina. “In the best time decides the BRICS create this bank”.
The Bolivian dignitary took the opportunity to announce that you can not participate in the meeting of the community of Latin American and Caribbean (Celac) more by China, which will be held this Thursday in Brasilia because of the onset of the election campaign in his country, which aspires to be re-elected for the third time for the period 2015-2020.