U.S. sanctions to 271 Syrian scientists by chemical weapons

United States said that the measures were taken in response to the attack occurred April 4 in Idlib sarin gas. | Photo: Bath UK

The United States Treasury Department ordered to block all the assets that belong to 271 scientific members of the Centre for studies and scientific research of Syria (SSRC, for its acronym in English) to develop chemical weapons from 2012.
In addition to the assets freeze, the Office of Control of foreign assets of the Treasury Department forbade any person or U.S. company do business or dealings with scientists. 
The U.S. Treasury Department said that measures were taken in response to the attack with sarin gas on civilians occurred on Jan Sheijun, Idlib province April 4. Chemical attack left more than 80 dead.
United States assures that the SSRC is responsible for producing the gas used in the attack. Two days after the attack, the current US President Donald Trump ordered 59 missile on the Syrian air base of Shayrat in Homs (Syria West) as a response of the alleged attack with chemical weapons.
However, the Research Commission of the Council of UN human rights of the Organization of the (UN) for Syria not found links between United States air attack against that country and the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Syrian province of Idlib. 
“We have not found any relationship between the bombing and gas emissions… There are several versions, but we have not found them,”reported this Friday the Chairman of the investigation Commission of the UN, Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, during a press conference. The team of researchers from the UN also failed to identify the aircraft used to perform the chemical attack.
The Trump attack triggered concern in the international community to consider the first direct military action in the country’s North against Syria. 
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad denied that his Government has been the author of the attack. Syrian military sources attributed the damage to an explosion at a chemical weapons factory of Al Qaeda. 
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