Indigenous peoples of Venezuela highlighted its achievements to the UN

Venezuela will continue to work in order to achieve the supreme happiness of our people and maintain a free homeland and sovereign, said Nunez. | Photo: @venezuela_un

Venezuela took part Monday in the sixteenth period of sessions of the Forum permanent indigenous issues, carried out at the headquarters of the Organization of United Nations (UN), New York, United States.
The Minister for indigenous peoples, Aloha Núñez, is present at the meeting which will discuss the measures taken on the basis of the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples, adopted 10 years ago until 5 May next.

Indigenous peoples attending United Nations to participate in the Permanent Forum on indigenous issues @AlohaNueez @RRamirezVE – Venezuela United Nations (@venezuela_un) April 24, 2017 Nunez, in his address to the United Nations, said that the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela has made the registration of indigenous people registering to 724.592 people, who understand the 2.8 percent of the Venezuelan population.
He also explained that during the Bolivarian revolution “have been punished a total of 52 laws linked to the defense of peoples and indigenous communities”. Rights over ancestral lands with the delivery of 101 collective land titles, are a total of 3.280.298 hectares divided into 683 communities have also been recognized. – Aloha Núñez (@AlohaNueez) April 24, 2017 the Indian Minister said that Venezuela was created “the Presidential Council of Popular Government of the indigenous peoples and communities as a consultative body for the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies on indigenous matters, elected by their own communities”.
The Minister said that “despite the relentless attack of the violent sectors of the Venezuelan opposition and shouldnít pretensions towards our country, seeking to move away from the path of peace and dialogue”Venezuela will continue to work tirelessly for the challenges of indigenous peoples attention to ten years”of the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples” “in order to achieve supreme happiness of our people and maintaining a free homeland and sovereign”.

Learn more about the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples #LaPatriaEnMovimiento @AlohaNueez – Ministry indigenous (@MINPPPI_OFICIAL) April 24, 2017 the Permanent Forum of the United Nations on indigenous issues is the advisory body to the economic and Social Council of the UN in function of economic and social development culture, the environment, education, health and human rights for the well-being of this sector of the population.