Demonstrations in France leave 143 prisoners and nine wounded

The police reported that 143 detainees, only 29 remain in custody. | Photo: Reuters

The Paris police prefecture said Monday the arrest of 143 people, because of the anti-fascist demonstrations erupted in the French capital during the close of the first round of the presidential elections this Sunday.
In addition, a total of nine people were injured during the riots. Among those affected, six were police officers and three other protesters.

#FranciaDecide the streets of #Paris now follows the protests against the electoral process in #Francia – Sergio Rodrigo (@SRodrigoteleSUR) April 23, 2017 this way, authorities reported multiple damage in several shop windows and public furniture, as well as the launch of blunt objects at the security forces, to which the police responded with tear gas.
Meanwhile, some 300 young people were gathered to participate in a “night of the barricades” for the pass to second round of the independent Emmanuel Macron, who Marine Le Pen was winner and the far-right leader
> Macron and Le Pen will be held the Presidency of France in may “We must continue the fight,” said one of the demonstrators, at the time who claimed that “whatever the next Government, it will bring five more years of social misery”.
The second round of the presidential elections will take place on 7 May.