Case Odebrecht: Ecuador calls to seize $325,000 in Andorra

The deposits would add up to $ 1 million. | Photo: EFE

The Prosecutor’s Office of Ecuador has requested the Banca Privada d’Andorra (BPA), involved in several crises of money-laundering, confiscation and return of 300,000 euros (about 325,000 dollars) stemming from alleged bribes paid by the Brazilian company Odebrecht.
The money was used to pay alleged bribes to the ex-Minister of Electricidad Alecksey Mosquera, and businessman Marcelo Endara. Both were arrested last Friday and are the first detainees in Ecuador in relation to the scandal of bribes paid by Odebrecht in the country.
The information was confirmed by the public prosecutor Galo Chiriboga. According to statements of Odebrecht executives there are about 33 million dollars in bribe payments. In the gap there are deposits by one million dollars on behalf of a company created by Odebrecht on behalf of Endara who would have served of figurehead.
According to Prosecutor Chiriboga, Mosquera received money in 2011, two years after completing his duties as Minister in the Government of Rafael Correa.
The main source of information for these arrests is the exabogado of the construction company, Rodrigo Tacla, who is being detained in Spain. The bribes were part of the strategy for the award of infrastructure projects in Ecuador since 1980 until last year.
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