Bolivia urges objectivity Chilean judges in the case of detainees

The situation again creates tension in diplomatic relations between Bolivia and Chile. | Photo: @ABolivianos

The Ombudsman of Bolivia, David Tezanos, Sunday urged justice Chilean objectivity in the case of the nine Bolivians arrested in Chile, more than one month ago, when they counteracted smugglers of goods at the same time requested to proceed to his release.
“We want to call on the Chilean authorities to administer justice to consider the case of the nine Bolivian arrested as a case of human rights and can claim freedom, redirect your treatment from objectivity,” said through a we newsletter.
> Bolivia warns that U.S. could trigger an imminent war faith in justice and Chilean political authorities will act to restore the freedom of Bolivians 9 arrested in Chile.

-David Tezanos Pinto (@TezanosDefensor) April 23, 2017 the Bolivian diplomat said to be favoring the Chilean authorities advocate that the process is treated with objectivity.
Tezanos argues that the arguments of the imputation against nine Bolivian citizens “are very hard, are not sustainable over time and that you have the opportunity to repair the situation of the Bolivian people”.
For its part, the Supreme Court of Chile raised for Monday formulating his opinion, after the filing of an appeal for the pure and simple liberation of Bolivians.
> Evo Morales blames capitalism from destroying mother earth the Chilean justice blamed nine Bolivians of the offences of robbery with violence, bearing and possession of prohibited weapons and smuggling, so a Chilean court ordered custody, a period that should last 120 days as the investigation proceeds.