Aberrant the thousands of disappearances in Mexico, says activist

Activist warned that the future of Mexico is clouded by corruption. | Photo: e-veracruz.mx

The situation of the thousands of enforced disappearances in Mexico is “aberrant”, said Monday the Mexican collective Sun, Lucía Díaz, activist following his visit to Guatemala along with other six activists of his country, for a course on identification of missing persons at the Fundación de Antropología Forense de Guatemala (FAFG).
Diaz, who seeks his son Luis Guillermo Lagunes, kidnapped and disappeared from the 28 June 2013, said in Veracruz “are systematic and continuous violations especially against young people” and warned that the future of Mexico “is clouded by corruption”.
“We’ll stay dumbfounded when we know the actual number of disappearances in Mexico,” said activist and added that the approval of a law allowing the search of the hundreds of missing is “urgent” in his country.
Also said that he would like an institution as “solid and prestigious” FAFG in Mexico, to identify the bones of the missing persons are located.
Moreover, activist of the Queretaro Yadira Gonzalez, who seeks his brother disappeared in 2006, said that “all Mexico, unfortunately, is a mass grave of missing”.
> Found mass graves in tourist center of Acapulco, only Mexico in Veracruz are estimated at 30,000 enforced disappearances from 2006 to date.
The Sun organization arose as part of the movement called “The other disappeared persons”, since 43 students and the Rural School of Ayopzinapa, were abducted in September 2014 by policemen linked to criminals in the State of Guerrero.
Guerrero is one of the Mexican States where you register the highest number of violent acts linked to armed bands and drug controlling that region of the country. Hundreds of people have been reported as missing in that State and were later found in mass graves. 
> Violence and corruption tormenting the people of Veracruz, Mexico