Two goals from Messi to Real Madrid puts leader Barcelona

The party appeared to move towards a draw, when in the discount Jordi Alba left a ball to Messi to make the final 3-2. | Photo: Reuters

Barcelona won 3-2 to the Real Madrid this Sunday with two goals from Leo Messi in the classic of the 33rd Spanish day at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, placing Championship leader.
Casemiro opened the score (28), but soon after Messi got deep into the white area beating Keylor Navas (33) and in the second part, Ivan Rakitic was 2-1 with a shot from the front (73) until James match (86) and Messi made the 3-2 in the discount (90 + 2).

Photo: Reuters victory allows the Catalans to the Spanish league leaders, tied to points and with one party more than whites in the absence of five days for the final of the Championship, once completed the current.
The meeting, the winner of the masters in Augusta Sergio Garcia opened with a throw of honor, was electric and at times very bronco, encouraging in the second part.
He stressed the duel between Messi and Brazilian Casemiro, who looked them and wanted to stop the quick Argentine star, touching the expulsion in certain actions.

Photo: Reuters