Increase to 114 death toll after “The coastal child” in Peru

The State of emergency is maintained in five districts of the province of Lucanas, Ayacucho. | Photo: EFE

The death toll by heavy rains and floods in Peru increased to 114, by the effects of the climatic phenomenon “El coastal child” in different areas of the country.
The Centre of operations of national emergency (COEN) issued a report Saturday in which detailed that the total number of victims is 185.873 and there are a million affected 81,893.
A total of 242.433 damaged homes and 2,150 schools, 549 bridges, 6.477 kilometers of roads, 60.400 hectares of crops and 45.335 affected irrigation channels, has left the natural disaster. 

#Perú some pictures of #Cajamarca follows the emergency by rains – Jaime Herrera (@JaimeteleSUR) April 23, 2017 the COEN reported that he remains the State of emergency in five districts of the province of Lucanas: San Pedro, San Juan, Lucía, Huac-Huas and San Pedro de Palco, so can take immediate and necessary steps in the rehabilitation of the affected areas.

Declare state of emergency in 5 districts of the province of Lucanas, Ayacucho. Check out here #COEN➡ newsletter – COEN Peru (@COENPeru) April 22, 2017 > Cuban doctors attended to about 6 thousand victims in Peru added that are not discarded showers isolated and moderate intensity in the Tumbes region during April. However, said that the “coastal child” end and is “in Frank descent”, possibly will conclude at the end of April or beginning of May. 

#Perú images of how was #Cajamarca after the HailStorm – Jaime Herrera (@JaimeteleSUR) April 23, 2017 several studies claim that the rains that occurred in the country are similar to the phenomenon of El Niño of 1998, when there were 500 deaths and a fall in GDP of 6 percent.