France: Candidates vote under heavy security measures

Marine Le Pen has the right to vote in Henin-Beaumont. | Photo: EFE

Amid a strong safety device, the candidates for the Presidency of France are exercising their right to vote this Sunday in the first round of the election in that European nation.
The far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, voted Sunday in their electoral stronghold of Henin-Beaumont, in the North of the country, where it has also planned to continue throughout the day.
> Minute to minute: elections in France served by the Mayor of the city, Steeve Briois, also of the National Front (FN), Le Pen issued also vote in the middle of a great media excitement.

It is unprecedented in recent years as one of the favourites to overcome the first round of a French presidential don’t pass election night in Paris, where will be the other ten candidates.
Meanwhile, the candidate Emmanuel Macron, another of the March in the lead in the intention to vote, exercised their suffrage, accompanied by his wife in the town of Le Touquet, on the Atlantic coast of the country, where it has a family home.

Macron votes with the expectation of moving to the second round of an election in France – Europa Press (@europapress) April 23, 2017 Macron, that 39-year-old aspires to become the youngest in the history of France President, came to the polling station with broad deployment of police, to the high level of alert that the country.
For its part, the candidate of the Republicans, François Fillon, voted without the presence of his spouse, Penelope Fillon, who voted alone, in the middle of the scandal by his fictional works.
> France at issue the future of the European Union in some unpublished presidential marriage is accused of the contract made by Fillon to his wife as a parliamentary Adviser, whereby he would have won hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years.

#AHORA François Fillon issued his vote in Paris all over the most unpredictable elections in France ➔ – RT in Spanish (@ActualidadRT) April 23, 2017