Lenín Moreno assumes obligation to revolutionary overcome Correa

In the intangible, the recovery of hope is an achievement of the works identified in these 10 years, noted Lenín Moreno. | Photo: @Tele_Ciudadana

The President-elect of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, thanked the outgoing President Rafael Correa, “to leave the path” this Saturday, and promised to do better still for the development of the nation.
“We have a huge challenge, Rod is quite high and our duty to overcome it revolutionary.  The revolution follows an evolutionary spiral where you have to place a higher point, let’s make it better still but will not be an easy task”, he acknowledged.
In his speech, Moreno thanked the citizens “that they have not lost hope”, for giving him the opportunity to serve them. The poor, because “they know perfectly well that we represent them”.
He stressed the works embodied in these ten years: schools, hospitals and health centers, roads, universities, hydro, multi-purpose projects, and in the intangible, the recovery of hope and pride. 
“Honestisimo, very intelligent, obstreperous misery human, worker, with a special love for the poorest, and lousy singer”, described Moreno the qualities President Correa.

“This is the time of the March together for the achievement of the major objectives” @Lenin Moreno #PorLaPazYLaDemocracia pic.twitter.com/DnGvgIbepz – TV citizen (@Tele_Ciudadana) April 22, 2017 Lenín Moreno recalled the situation that took the country President Rafael Correa and the change reached in 10 years in Ecuador. On the leadership of belt, he said when the pupil is ready, the master appears, and appears the leader when the country is ready.

“Now comes the most important task: consolidate this victory” @Lenin Moreno #PorLaPazYLaDemocracia pic.twitter.com/4sXViIA4z7 – TV citizen (@Tele_Ciudadana) April 22, 2017 in addition also highlighted economic management in the past two years – in which there have been adverse situations – no-stick package of adjustments to the Ecuadorian people”.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you!” @Lenin Moreno #PorLaPazYLaDemocracia pic.twitter.com/MOWRAXV0DL – TV citizen (@Tele_Ciudadana) April 22, 2017