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1. Syrian photographer breaks into tears after trying to save a child a car bomb in Aleppo, Syria, attack kills 68 minors and the Syrian photographer abd Alkader captures the image of her partner kneeling on the ground weeping after failing in his attempt to rescue a Syrian boy. 
2 VIDEOS: Capture violence of Venezuelan opposition launched April 19, violent groups of Venezuelan opposition caused havoc in the capital city of Caracas as the March of the ruling peacefully celebrated the historic date. 
3 minute to minute: mobilizations 19 April in Venezuela Venezuelans who support the legitimate Government of Nicolás Maduro marched in defence of the Bolivarian revolution and the coup violence against opposition. 
4 warn about the threat of intervention by U.S. in Venezuela a group of Argentine intellectuals warned about the “threat of military intervention” in Venezuela to the statements of the head of the United States Southern command.
5. the world celebrates the day of the language Spanish on 23 April it pays tribute to the genius Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra author of the important classic Don Quixote de la Mancha.