Al-Assad assures that terrorists receive chemical weapons from Turkey

Al-Assad said that tests of this financing were shown on the Internet a few years ago. | Photo: Reuters

The President of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, said Friday that the terrorists receive chemical weapons directly from Turkey and that some evidence “were shown on the Internet a few years ago”.
“The only way, the only way that terrorists obtain money, arms, logistical support, fighters and this type of material is through Turkey, there is another route that they come from the North. So is Turkey, one hundred per cent, “she reiterated.
At the same time, the Syrian President recalled that “many parties and members of Parliament in Turkey questioned to the Government concerning these allegations”.
On April 4 the national coalition of opposition forces in Syria denounced 80 dead and 200 injured because of an alleged chemical attack in the city of Jan Sheijun, Idlib province, which accused troops of Damascus. At the same time, United States (USA), France and United Kingdom also pointed to the Government’s al-Assad as the leader.
> Syrian Government denies chemical attack in Idleb for its part, the Syrian Government not only refused to be responsible for the attack, but it has constantly reiterated that he never employed toxic substances against the population, nor against the opposition or the terrorists.
In addition, Syrian authorities have denounced that armed terrorist organisations and their operators are those who have executed these attacks to accuse the Syrian State as part of the anti-government campaign that employ these groups.
Data: Syria also fulfill its obligations with the chemical weapons Convention since its accession in 2013, eliminated all its chemical arsenals in 2016 under the supervision of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW).
> Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Syria: Army has no chemical weapons