Venezuela delivers pro tempore presidency of Unasur to Argentina

In these acts, it is impossible to not remember the Commander Hugo Chávez, with his Bolivarian spirit, said Ambassador Ali Rodriguez Araque. | Photo: @vencancilleria

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela represented by its Ambassador Ali Rodriguez Araque presented formally Friday the Presidency pro tempore of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) Argentina.
During a ceremony at the Yellow House in Caracas (capital) of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, Chancellor and Ambassador Rodríguez Araque, who was also Secretary general of the organization between 2012 and 2014, handed over the Presidency of the body.
Venezuela assumed the Presidency of April 23, 2016. Now Argentina will exercise it until 17 April 2018. The Agency must still determine its next Secretary general after being taken over by Ernesto Samper.

Ambassador Alí Rodríguez Araque: We must remember that the processes of union in history have a rectilinear development trend.

— CancilleríaVenezuela (@vencancilleria) 21 de abril de 2017

Min. @DrodriguezVen: we will say to the Cdte. Chavez today when we deliver the President protempore of Unasur mission accomplished! – Cancilleriavenezuela (@vencancilleria) April 21, 2017 during his speech delivery, Ambassador Rodriguez Araque said that the Nations of the South have the conditions to constitute a nation by the characteristics of culture and language in common.
He recalled that the principles of the Unasur have their origin in the ideals of the liberators of Latin America. He also rescued the role of Commander Hugo Chávez in the construction of Unasur and the ideal of Latin American union. 

Alí Rodríguez Araque: Principles of Bolivarianism are linked directly with the solidarity, brotherhood, and the union.

-Cancilleriavenezuela (@vencancilleria) April 21, 2017 “sooner or later will end that dream of Bolivar, that dream of Chavez, capturing it in reality. Venezuela and everyone play a very important role in the Bolivarian project of the great Latin American union”, concluded the former Secretary.
Unasur is formed by Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.
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